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Frequently Asked Questions

Make Any Event Better with a Luxury Portable Restroom

How far in advance should I book my rental?

While we always do our best to work with any timeline, the sooner you contact us, the better.

We tend to get very busy and so book your luxury restroom trailers early!


How do I reserve a restroom trailer?

We require a non-refundable deposit of $500 at the time of booking in order to secure your event date along with a signed contract.


What are your accepted payment methods?

We accept Zelle, Venmo, or wire transfer/ACH. We also accept PayPal or credit card including a 3.5% processing fee.


What areas do you service?
New England, Tri-State area, and Florida.

How long is the rental period?
Although you may receive your trailer a few days in advance, this is a single use rental as the trailer can only hold so much water and waste to accommodate so many guests per use.

How many total people can the trailers accommodate?
Our trailers can comfortably accommodate up to 250 guests.

Do I need to provide electricity and a water supply to the trailer?
Yes, the trailer will need to be within 100 feet of an outdoor water spigot, and within 100 feet of one dedicated 20 amp, T-shaped outlet. We will provide a 100 foot electrical cord and a 100 foot hose. For those without access, a water tank and/or a generator can be provided on site for an additional fee.

Are there any restrictions on where it can be placed?
Our restroom trailers can be placed in any location that has sufficient space for a large truck and our trailer to access freely with ease at anytime even during your event. In addition to being near water and electric, the trailer must be placed on easily-accessible, flat, and level ground compacted surface such as concrete, gravel or most grass surfaces assuming it has a solid base. Note the area selected must also be clear of obstructions such as low hanging tree branches & utility power lines. Cannot be driven over curbs, hills, soft ground, or under a clearance lower than 12 feet high.


We also ask to have an alternate location for placement in the event the desired placement location of the restroom trailer unfortunately does not accommodate the size and stability of the trailer, dispatch/driver on-site will select the best recommended placement.


What are the dimensions of the trailers?

Total trailer length with bumper and tongue is 19’6”, 90, and 12’ tall

Total trailer length with bumper and tongue is 16’6”, 90”and 12’ tall


Do the restrooms have heat & AC?
Yes, our trailers have air conditioning, as well as a built-in heat strip. The heat strip is designed to elevate the temperature of the trailer 10-15 degrees, so the ideal time-frame for this rental is April-November.

Does your trailer have flushing toilets?
Yes, the trailers have a toilet with a convenient foot flush pedal. These toilets utilize an internal ball valve flush system, which eliminates any unpleasant sites or smells.

Are soap, paper towels, and toilet paper included?
Yes. Our restroom trailers will be fully stocked for your event. If you wish to have a restroom attendant on site for an additional cost, please reach out via email or phone for this request.

When is the delivery/pick up scheduled for?
Standard delivery is at least one or two days before your event and pickup the day after.

Do I need to be there for delivery?

Yes, generally you or someone representing you needs to be on-site when we deliver the restroom trailer to show us where you would like it set up. If you are having an event at a venue we work with regularly, these locations have standard spots for the trailers and you do not have to be there.

Do I need to be there for pick up?

No, you will not have to be there as long as our team will have clear access to the trailer of any vehicles or objects.

What is your cancellation policy?

Once reserved, all items are withheld from inventory for your event date. Any payments made are non-refundable. Reservations are subject to a 10% fee if a cancellation is requested with less than 30 days before the event date.

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