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Luxury Portable Restroom

Make Any Event Better with a Luxury Portable Restroom

From wedding receptions to graduation parties, hosting an outdoor event is a challenge, especially when it comes to providing adequate restroom facilities to your guests. If you’re looking for ways to offer a luxury portable restroom to your guests at your next event, be sure to contact us today. We offer a clean, functional on site luxury restroom that is perfect for accommodating large groups. In fact, our three-stall luxury portable restroom can handle up to 350 guests while minimizing restroom wait times. Each trailer is completely sanitized and cleaned thoroughly to ensure safety and a pleasant experience. From an outdoor music festival to a school carnival, your celebrations can take place at any time of the year. The Good Life Restrooms is here to provide you with a fabulous luxury portable restroom that includes cool air conditioning, so your guests won’t suffer during the hot summer months.

Contact us to reserve your on site luxury restroom today. The luxury trailer includes two female restrooms that feature a vanity sink and flushing toilet. One male restroom is also included and features a flushing toilet, vanity sink, and urinal. Each one of our portable luxury restrooms is beautifully decorated to give it personality and a more upscale look and feel. The goal is to provide your guests with the comforts of home while offering a clean, spacious mobile restroom that doesn’t feel like a port-a-john. If you are a veteran, vendor, or you’re sending someone our way through a referral, be sure to check out our current list of discounts. We want every single host and guest to enjoy their restroom experience, and that’s why we offer a luxury portable restroom that makes every moment more pleasant and memorable. We know you want your next event to be a great one, and that’s why you should contact us today!

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